A Good Day?

I thought it was a good day until I started thinking about writing a post.
I have eaten 3 small cinnamon rolls & a few pieces of cheese for breakfast.
For lunch I ate a couple of teaspoons of mini chocolate chips and about a cup of milk. I am proud of this for some reason. Having begun the Depakote, I am now on high alert, I guess. We have to go eat with some friends tonight so I’m sure I’ll eat more. :/ As for the cuts, I was doing well, but it had to pop sometime. At least they aren’t bad.

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4 thoughts on “A Good Day?

  1. I am new here and don’t know much about you yet, but when I read this, I felt like I could relate so much…to pretty much everything (especially the music comment). I’m sorry you’re struggling right now and I wish you the best!

    1. Welllllllllll, it is coming off of mania. But my psych says it is a borderline personality trait. I asked last time I was there and he said that the borderline personality traits usually exasperate the bipolar, but not the other way around. Today I beg to differ :).
      Could be a number of things, though, including my hubby hanging up on me twice (unintentionally, but I thought it was), the stress of payday, or the music I listened to. Music has an effect on me like no other. It is almost like a drug.

      1. I hate it when they throw the borderline personality disorder at you! I’ve had it from my GP just the other week who is not trained in psychiatry or neurology. In my opinion…I think BP is organic I.e within the brain (like the antibodies they have found attacking my brain is what caused the psychosis and mania etc) so I think BPD and BP are completely different and that BPD can be a bi-product of BP because of how much it messes you around with your emotions, randomly UP, DOWN, Stable… which all can have a psychological (no psychiatric) effect in itself with what’s going on around you.

        I always have to analyse now is it the actual situation or is it within my brain I.e my emotions are there regardless of situation and find out if the way I am reacting is completely unreasonable for the situation (even thought it’s hard to see at the time)

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