You’ve Got This!

Thanks to Amanda from “Caged No More”  (She has an awesome blog, btw, if you have time, I highly suggest getting over there and taking a look around!) I found this awesome campaign from, called “You’ve Got This!”  It is all about encouraging those whose world has just been possibly turned upside down with a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.  I have never made such an open video before, but I felt that helping others is more important than the squirmy feeling I get from putting myself out there.

So with the support of my Husband I went about making my first real video and uploading it to YouTube.  I have embedded the video below for easy viewing but if you want to hop over to my new channel and share some social love with a follow and/0r a like I would loooooovvvveeeeeee you!

You can find out more about the campaign and how you can help here: You’ve Got This!

PS.  I am thinking about trying out the whole Vlogging thing once in a while (once or twice a week maybe?) to mix things up here on the blog.  So leave a comment below and share your thoughts about it!  Would you like to see some once in a while?  If so, What do you want to hear about from me?  The audience is who I aim to please (well most of the time, anyway :)).

Happy Saturday everyone!


5 thoughts on “You’ve Got This!

  1. Hi Kelsi! What courage you have to create a video! It was great and thank you for speaking about that! I’ve only known for 2 years and I’m still having a hard time with it and actually still don’t tell everything to the professionals so your video actually helped me to realize I should and that it will get better. Thanks!

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    1. Hi Cass!
      I am so glad you liked it! I know what it feels like to not want to tell everything to the professionals. I dislike the look I get sometimes from them when I am honest. I know they are not thinking critically against me, but considering what would be in my best interests, but it can be hard to keep from thinking that they are judging.
      I have popped over to your blog occasionally and really like what I see! Keep your chin up and the great work on your blog! Writing keeps me sane sometimes. When everything else is gone, I write.
      Much Love!


  2. Kelsi, I loved your video! I am so proud of you for doing that. You put yourself out there for the sake of helping others. That is awesome. The video turned out wonderful, so yes, I recommend that you should begin Vlogging whenever you feel! You are off to a great start, in my opinion :)

    “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”
    Maya Angelou

    I thought I would share this quote with you because I think your ‘song’ could really be a gift when it is heard by others waiting to hear it.


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    1. Amanda,
      Your comment has made me smile from ear to ear! I love this quote! I often tell others who ask me why I do what I do, even when in opposition, that I do it because I have to share what God has given me, good or bad. I feel compelled by some unseen force, like a bird compelled to sing, though it may not know why. Someone will gain value from it though I might never know about it. Thank you, love, for your support! You encourage me more than you will ever know!

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