Tears are on the threshold.

One word.  That’s all it takes.

I F*$#ing hate today.

I don’t know why.

I don’t care.

My eyes hurt from holding back the tears.

What do I have to cry for?

Everything is F*&#ing fine and dandy.



2 thoughts on “Normal.

    1. I don’t even know! Honestly.
      Part of it is I’m slightly manic. My brain hurts. My ears hurt. My eyes hurt. It is all from too much stimulation and I can’t shut down. I didn’t know that the week past me by. I don’t even care anymore.
      Part of it is I have been doing research on this thing the neurologist told me I have called Charcot Marie Tooth Disease – I need genetic testing to have a 100% diagnosis, but he said he’s 95% sure. Although my case isn’t extreme, it is progressive and the reality hit me today that though it could be worse, it might get there eventually.
      Just lots of stuff.
      I think it would just hurt to cry now. Sorry for the book! It’s the mania. Can’t leave anything out. I’m glad to hear from you though!
      Love Love Love YOU sicky!

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