Well, maybe not quite that excited, but I am pretty stoked.  This is the first post on my new computer and I missed having one sooo much!  The screen on my old computer went out and then the new hard drive died so I just scrapped it. I have been managing with my iPad and iPhone, but it just isn’t the same.  I bought a MacBook Air with a custom configuration and now that I am beginning to figure this thing out I am in love! I wonder how I ever did without one lol.

Next big item on my list to share:  I’m going to school!  I begin a week from Monday.  Online, of course.  I still have a family and home to take care of and I do not intend to allow myself to get so wrapped up that I forget what is important.

Right now my major is in Christian Studies.  I am thinking I want to be a christian counselor when all is said and done.  I really have a drive and passion to help others like myself see that God still loves them and wants them to have a wonderful relationship filled with life with Him.  (That continues to be one of the main reasons I blog:)). The thought of it brings tears to my eyes.

I am attending Grand Canyon University online, which is a private christian college located in Phoenix, AZ.  They have a very strict schedule for newbies like myself, only allowing me to take one class at a time, and I have 2 advisors.  One is my Student Services Advisor, who helps with the class scheduling, financial aid, assignment communication, and the other is my Enrollment Counselor, who helps guide me through all I need to know about the online classroom, library,  as well as taking care of all of my enrollment requirements.  These two ladies have just been wonderful to work with so far and as far as  I know they will be the two I deal with the entire time I am in school.

I know I can succeed this time with so much support and structure.  When I went to college ten years ago I failed miserably at everything but cosmetology school, or rather I dropped out or didn’t show or or or, well, you get the picture.  I was just immature and impatient with no sense of responsibility for my actions, and ten years later here, it is following me.  The college accepted me, but I am pretty sure it is conditionally.  I won’t have any troubles meeting those conditions, but it is still a consequence of my actions from long long ago.

Well, my head is bursting with more posts and ideas so I better run…. Also the washer was dinging at me a bit ago, wanting changed… It’s like a never growing baby, always needing its nappy changed :P



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