Dear non-Christian, You’re right. I’m sorry.

To those of you who have questioned my resolve in my christian life because of my actions which don’t always align with my professed beliefs, I give you this lovely letter. I could write my own, but Leanne has worded these thoughts so perfectly. I, too, am but a human. I fail my Lord daily, but He never fails me. He picks me up when I am down and guides me back to where I need to be…. Not where you need me to be, or where you think I should be… but where He knows I need to be. Be sure and read her comments below, too, as her great thoughts continue. I share this in humility. I know my faults better than anyone, except God. And if He is willing to give me another chance knowing what He knows, shouldn’t I do the same for others?

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Dear non-Christian,

I understand you are frustrated with me, who is a believer in and follower of Jesus Christ. You have every right to be. You look at me and my choices (or lack there of), and wonder how I can call myself a Christian, a true follower of Christ when I fail in so many ways to do what my faith calls me to do.

I confess to you, dear non-believer, that you are right. I am a failure in my faith. I do not give until it hurts. I ignore the needs of those who are broken and hurting around me. I turn my head away, pretending there is nothing wrong. Or worse yet, disguise my purposeful ignorance by saying I’m “called” to help in “other” ways. When I do decide to help, it is out of convenience rather than out of sacrifice.

I resist the command to love those…

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2 thoughts on “Dear non-Christian, You’re right. I’m sorry.

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, Kelsi. I am honored my heart and words moved you to express your mutual feelings. I feel blessed that God introduced me to another sister in Christ. I look forward to getting to know you further. :)


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