So…I have BP… Now what?

Wow. These are amazing thoughts! They also describe just how I feel inside. If you have the time (even if you don’t :)) read this post and understand a little better!



Warning Folks: This is a long post

As I’m learning more about my BP, somethings are becoming clearer, and some aren’t. Some of it is scary, and some of it has helped me to understand why I feel certain ways.

What I am learning is this, the more I accept my diagnosis and learn about it, the better I can form a plan to deal with situations, emotions and patterns that occur. I can see that some of the things I do aren’t my fault, they’re a result of my illness. Some things I just can’t help.

Armed with this new knowledge, I can work to reduce trigger situations and my family, doctors and friends can help to support me better.

Frankly, the last year has been scary for me. At times, I’ve felt like a broken shell of myself…much like the pic I took for this post.

Pride and…

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