A very sweet close friend of mine wrote this and when I read it I came to tears! God is so amazing! Let’s not forget what her story teaches — the unending, unfailing love of our Father in Heaven!

Have a wonderful day dear ones!


An old man walking along came across a Church filled with singing like he’d never heard before. Music straight out of Heaven he thought. It made him reflect on a life filled with pain, pain for many years. Not a physical pain, but mental pain, a searing pain that tore up his home, his being, his Faith.

As a young boy he loved the Lord. He wanted to serve the Lord with all his heart. It was in his youth that he first heard a voice say, “son, is this the road you want to take, a road not easy to travel, a road that may have heartache, a road of self-denial?” He vowed within himself that no matter what the devil may say he was going to follow only the Lord.

Not long after he met the love of his life, they were in town together, she turned to…

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