Though We Are Dust

The fact that she can and does still see God at work through all of this gives me renewed hope. A wonderful example of mania, well written, as well as a wonderful example of faith. Loved this. If you have time, make time to read this!

Writings From The Raven's Desk


Imagine going four days and almost four nights without sleep, I mean no sleep, not going to sleep at all, being manic and wide awake and doing situps, pacing and writing and tapping your fingers and feet and trying to not keep your husband awake, and then feeling as if the world is on fire during the day, trying to suppress the amount of energy you have because you don’t want anyone to know how alive you feel, because you’re afraid it’s absolutely going to show and scare people, so you sit on your hands and you try try try to speak as little as possible and it’s so hard, and…that is what I have been experiencing this week.

I didn’t eat for four days. Actually, I ate a little. I kept very track very carefully. I ate half a plum. 11 1/12 tortilla chips, four bites of salad, and…

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