Planted By God

This is a post from October 2011, I found it in my old archives and thought I could share it here, in the dead of winter, and make us all appreciate how nothing is growing so we’ve nothing to pull….at least for the present :D


13But he answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up.

~Matthew 15:13


We received over 3 inches of rain where I live this past weekend (five or ten miles away they received over 5.5 inches).  That is a ton! Well, for us any way as we hardly ever get a substantial amount of rain in a short period of time.  A good soaking makes for great weed pulling for days afterward and so that is what I have been doing!  Pulling and pulling and pulling!  It seems to be an endless job out here on the prairie, but the rain has made it easier.

As I have worked I have begun to notice how the roots of different plants react to my pulling.  Some break off at the surface, others just below, and occasionally I have been lucky enough to pull the whole thing out because they are not very deeply rooted into the ground.  I come to the house sore and tired, but then I look back at my drive and see what I have accomplished.

And I am happy.  I know they shall spring up again and again, but for today I am happy.

The other night as I lay in bed reading my bible I came to the verse above and it impressed me, especially the part where if it is not of the Lord it shall be pulled up by the roots.  Often times the devil nags at me telling me I am not truly a Christian because I am not “enough” of one. I.E. I mess up a lot; I do things I know I shouldn’t sometimes; I am yet a sinner.  And so he says, “Why do you try? You will fail, eventually, you will fail, and then where will you be?  Out of God’s good grace, that’s where.”

This verse said to me, I have been planted by God, I am His child;  If I wasn’t, I would have been pulled up by the roots by now, for surely that devil is tugging and tugging as hard as he can.

I thank the good Lord for those little reminders that though I am not “enough of a Christian” sometimes, I am and will always be a plant in His garden that He Himself tends and His child.

Until Later~~

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