You Probably Don’t Have Bipolar Disorder (Or One Of These 7 Other Conditions)

A very interesting little read about the realities of living with Bipolar Disorder and other mental illnesses. Give it a read if you have the time!


2 thoughts on “You Probably Don’t Have Bipolar Disorder (Or One Of These 7 Other Conditions)

  1. Excellent article! I was disappointed when I read the comments, though. Most people seemed to think the article was about the Kardashian girl, when really it was about people appropriating medical diagnostic terms to describe themselves when it’s inappropriate and inaccurate; this leads only to over-simplification of the medical problem and an inability to appreciate what those with mental disorders/etc. deal with. I’ve run across numerous people who say they’re “depressed” when they’re having a bad day. So inaccurate. And it doesn’t help those who DO have depression, because then when (for example) I say that I’m depressed (and I truly am), that other person (who doesn’t know what depression is like at all) equates it with their “really bad day” and thinks that I can’t be THAT bad off. (Sorry…just venting! The article was really great, and I appreciate you sharing it!)

    1. Again. Soooo sorry for the late reply! And I’m glad I’m not the only one out there that thought that was ridiculous… I have begun to notice it more and more all over the place! One blogger I really like had a post about how bipolar ohio weather is. She said “On the blog today… Ohio weather is bipolar (because it was snowy one day and warm the next)”. I sooooooo wanted to comment “On my blog today… I am bipolar…. Weather has nothing to do with it…. Stigma sucks… Thanks for enabling it to continue…”, but I didn’t because after all she might be ignorant of what she had done…. Blah blah blah…. :)

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