I know that picture up there may not look like much, but I can assure you that our total cookie count is standing at 286.

286 cookies X 125 calories per cookie = approximately 35,750 total calories hanging out on my table right now…. and that doesn’t even include the banana bread and homemade marshmallows sitting along the side lines.

Kinda makes me not want to eat another cookie. ever. again. Good thing I am giving most of these away as gifts!

We were going to go to town and go to church with my auntie and dad, but we are no where near done and I still have other gifts to finish up, so it looks like we will be staying in tonight. I told the girls we would veg out, eat popcorn, and watch a movie when we are all done, to which they happily agreed.

I feel kind of bad not showing them what Christmas Traditions I grew up with, but then we can make our own, right?

Well, I still have to cut the marshmallows and frost the sugar cookies so I better run! I hope everyone is having a safe, happy, anxiety-free holiday thus far!

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