Frosting And Me


My friend and I spent the morning frosting cupcakes…. It was fun, BUT a little stressful at first! I didn’t have crisco so buttercream was out. Then we found out we could use cream cheese, but I only had one out-of-date package…Luckily my neighbor had lots so she sent her girls over with a couple of packages.
It tastes wooonnndddeeerrrffffulll. But it was kind of a pain to frost with. The first batch look a little droopy because I didn’t get the consistency right, but the second batch look almost too perky because I almost made it too thick. I like the look of both though. They all look like evergreens…just maybe not the same kind.
Oh and then there is that one that I accidentally threw my cordless phone at. I was trying to multitask…talk to my Hubby and sprinkle on the sprinkles….needless to say the phone is now half covered in sweet green frosting…. On the bright side at least I won’t be on the phone for a while… Ha!
My kitchen is a mess and I have yet to eat lunch, but here I sit and type. I needed a break. My brain needed a break. It feels nice to be alone again for the moment. I better run…there is so much more to do today and I have yet to clean my kitchen…. **trudges away to grab a rag**

Happy Day People!

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