Caroline’s Ginger Water

This is an older post from early in the Autumn, but I wanted to share it with you anyway, so deal with it :D. (Maybe it’ll make you wish for the summer heat again:))


“Now the sun and the wind were hotter and Laura’s legs quivered while she made them trample the hay.  She was glad to rest for the little times between the field and the stack.  She was thirsty, then she was thirstier, and then she was so thirsty that she could think of nothing else.  It seemed forever till ten o’ clock when Carrie came lugging the jug half-full.  Pa told Laura to drink first but not too much.  Nothing was ever so good as that cool wetness going down her throat.  At the taste of it she stopped in surprise and Carrie clasped her hands and cried out, laughing, “Don’t tell, Laura, don’t tell till Pa tastes it!”

“Ma had sent them ginger-water.  She had sweetened the cool well-water with sugar, flavored it with vinegar, and put in plenty of ginger to warm their stomaches so they could drink till they were not thirsty.  Ginger-water would not make them sick, as plain cold water would when they were so hot.  Such a treat made that ordinary day into a special day, the first day that Laura helped in the haying.”

Ingalls Wilder, Laura. “Make Hay While The Sun Rises.” The Long Winter. New York,

NY: Harper & Row‘s, [1971?]. 8. Print


I woke up this morning, looked out my window, and gasped at the state of our grounds.  It never ceases to amaze me at how quickly the weeds will sprout up after a good rain, even if that rain was two weeks ago!  I have left the mowing to my dear Husband, but took pity on him today and decided to help where I could.  After delegating the inside chores to my perfectly able three little girls I set out on a mission: to mow the yard.  It was a little after nine am, but it was not hot yet (well not 90° anyhow) and there was a small breeze to aid in my cooling should I get hot.  I soon discovered that pushing a lawnmower over 8-inch weeds will make one hotter than not, and though my thirst was on the rise, decided to trudge on until I thought I could bear it no longer.  When the thought came, I stopped and went inside to cool off.

I didn’t realize just how hot I was until the cool air-conditioned air of the house smacked me as I opened the front door.  I was quite parched, but knew that drinking the ice-cold water I was craving so desperately would unsettle my stomach to say the least.  Then I remembered a recipe I had recently saved off the internet for “Caroline Ingall’s Ginger Water” (I think it was on Pinterest, but am not sure of the exact link as I wrote down the recipe and forgot the rest).   I have often read that ginger-root will help ease a tummy, but have never been inclined to try it myself.

My eldest daughter has been quite enthralled with the “Little House on the Prairie” books and is always telling me what Laura did and what her Ma made and of all the things she wants to make by hand, “just like Laura did” so I made up the recipe (which follows) and had her try it with me.  It wasn’t terrible and it actually helped with my thirst almost immediately…


Ginger Water

2 tsp. Apple Cider Vinegar

1 Tbsp. honey or other sweetener

1/4 tsp. grated ginger-root or a pinch of ground ginger

2 Cups water

Combine all ingredients until honey dissolves.  Serve cold.  Tastes like ginger beer.


I mixed the first three ingredients, then added some water, added that mixture to my 32oz. glass with ice, filled the cup almost to the brim with water, mixed it thoroughly, and drank it.  I drank almost the whole glass in a ten minute time span and had no problems with it.  My daughter tried it and thought it tasted like tea.  I thought it tasted vinegar-ish, but it wasn’t sour/bitter nor was the vinegar taste over-powering.  All and all I liked it. Not sure I could convince anyone else in my family to drink it, but that’s okay, more for me!

Until Later~~

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