Oh The Joys of Oral Surgery


Day after oral surgery. Felt fine when I woke up, but 2 hours later I’m exhausted. Only one extraction, but it was a big one. I have stitches or at least that’s what I think I feel. I was still too goofy to ask for specifics before we left.

I was extremely anxious before they started so the doctor gave me something to relax me (I have no idea what) and the ceiling moved. Seriously, I kept saying, “how neat is that? The ceiling is moving. Why is the ceiling moving? Do you see that? That looks kinda cool.” I don’t remember much after that.

I have the sweetest Husband. He fixed me split pea soup even though he had no idea how to go about it at first, because that is what I wanted. It turned out wonderful, btw. Now he is being kind and loving and gentle. It is wonderful. It might help that he actually has had two days off in a row now too lol.

I’m off. Tired and thoughts are kinda losing their train (ha–I just has a vision of a bunch of words running down the platform behind the depot after a train that just started to chug off)….

Until later!

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