God Conscious


How God Conscious are you?  I have been reading an article this morning which begs the thought, “In what direction do my thoughts lie more often than not?”

What are my thoughts first thing in the morning?  Are they of my Father who holds my life in His hands?  Or are they crowded with the cares, worries, and responsibilities of the day?

As a wife and mother especially, do I think first and foremost of the responsibilities that God has entrusted into my care, that being the welfare of my children and Husband?  All other chores and responsibilities are secondary to this.

Another thought brought by this article is that it is a tendency for Christians who are not God Conscious to try to work God into his or her busy schedule…. I am guilty of that!

Wouldn’t it be more appropriate for us to fit our plans into God’s schedule?  Why, I do believe it would be, but then I might have to change something in my schedule…. Ever thought that?  How about in a roundabout way?  I think we are all guilty once in a while.

If we believe the promises of God, then we should know that all we will ever need will be provided if we seek His will first.  Just some fuel for your spiritual brain this morning.  I know I need some.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

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