Health, Exercise, Eating, and Losing Weight

Today for the first time in years when I weighed myself I was at 130lb.  That is a 10 lb. drop from what I weighed on September 9.  I can see my hips and collar bones and my tummy is almost flat and I LOVE IT!

Now if I can just keep it there….

I have a bunch of friends to thank for the motivation to change how I eat and how active I am.  A group of ladies signed on to do a “Back To School Walk-A-Thon” starting the week of September 9th and ending November 3rd.  The idea was to walk a minimum of 150 minutes per week and more if we wanted to “win”.  I went over minutes by a little 5 of the 8 weeks, but I am not very competitive so I haven’t just put forth a lot of effort like some of the other ladies did.

I think what helped me the most was listening to other women’s struggles of how they could NOT lose weight no matter how much they exercised week after week after week.  I tried to explain that for some people it takes more than that.  Almost all the research I have looked into/done  says that you have to change what and how you cook, what and how you eat, as well as exercising.  I said as much.  Annndddd it seems I went unheard or was given excuses of “Why I can’t do that” much of the time.

So.  I decided to do it myself.  My eating habits had gotten out of control anyway.  I ate too fast and too much AND THEN felt over full and I hated it.  I love to eat (gag) good flavorful food and a major part of the culture that I now belong to is good, rich, homemade food……and the calorie count rises.

Truth be told I was almost starving myself.  It is only half-intentional though.  I have been drinking more liquids between and right before meals to help curb my hunger.  Then I am too full from the liquid to eat so I don’t until later when I usually drink more than I eat.  I have also been eating smaller portions (I’m talking like a 1/2 C. of each food at most at meals).  I’ve also been eating more raw fruits and vegetables and more cheese than usual.. These are the intentional parts.

The unintentional part is that I haven’t been eating at all or just drinking because I have been having major tooth pain the last 3 weeks or so.  I must have oral surgery December 4th to correct it.  But until then, tooth and mouth pain= not much eating.

So now that  I am down I only want to lose 5 more pounds… Okay, irrationally, a good 10 would be awesome.

But for now it feels wonderful to wear a size 8 again…..

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    1. Lol thank you Tony! I will keep your encouragement in mind in a month when it’s the dead of winter and all I want to do is eat bread and soup and stay inside away from everything :)

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