Hypomania and Mania in Bipolar Disorder

Another great post on mania and hypomania in bipolar disorder.  I honestly have experienced every one of the symptoms listed… Some more than others, given that I take meds regularly now, but, unfortunately, that just slows the train, it doesn’t derail it.

There are many interesting, factual, articles about life with Bipolar Disorder on this site.  If you have time to take a look, do.  Whether you have the disorder or live with someone who does, educating yourself is a major step to managing it and to a normal life (wait, who wants that? I know right?!)….

Until later dearies!

Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis

Bipolar mania, hypomania, and depression are symptoms of bipolar disorder. The dramatic mood episodes of bipolar disorder do not follow a set pattern — depression does not always follow mania. A person may experience the same mood state several times — for weeks, months, even years at a time — before suddenly having the opposite mood. Also, the severity of mood phases can differ from person to person.

Hypomania is a less severe form of mania. Hypomania is a mood that many don’t perceive as a problem. It actually may feel pretty good. You have a greater sense of well-being and productivity. However, for someone with bipolar disorder, hypomania can evolve into mania — or can switch into serious depression.

The experience of these manic stages has been described this way:

Hypomania:At first when I’m high, it’s tremendous … ideas are fast … like shooting stars you follow until…

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