A Manics Guide to Mania or Mania: A Users Guide

So I found this great post about signs/symptoms of Mania/Hypomania. I experience all these things when I am manic and it is amazing.

On the downside I have little to no self-control and so do things that can potentially harm me, but do I care? Nahhhh….

Want to get inside my head right now?  Read and reread this post. Hopefully it will help you understand my actions a little bit better, or not.

Just read it people. Seriously. Now.

A Little Bit Crazy

If being bipolar wasn’t special-snowflakey enough, I also happen to have ultra-radian cycling, which basically means I have more mania and more depression than your average bipolar. When it comes to depression, this sucks because I usually get severe depression ,not mild or moderate, however when it comes to hypomania this. is. awesome.

I realised this morning that I am hypomanic. I have been for the last week without realising it but today I have finally accepted that this is definitely mania. Mainly because I have an insane amount of energy, high self confidence, rushing thoughts and urges to do all of the things. Typing at the minute is difficult because despite being a quick typer, nothing is moving fast enough for me at the minute and so my screen is filled with red lines as I attempt to type 10000 words a minute. I’ll go back and correct it…

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