The Real Me

"You write me notes that say you care;
You only want to show me that you
are genuinely fair.
Even-handed you want to seem to be,
But I see through it all;
You’re just lying to me.
If you truly dared to care,
I’d see more of you;
You would’t hide away over there
amidst your excuses and routines.
More aware you’d be,
Of the constant strife in me.
But you choose to think it’s all
hyperboles of my own,
If I’d just stop,
It would go away on its own.
What you don’t understand
is that it isn’t just me;
My sickened brain won’t let me go free.
I do not choose to think these
thoughts alone,
But they come faster and faster as if I
were their final home.
I wish I could make you see,
inside my heart;
The Real Me.

© Kelsi M. Meireis

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