The Empty House

By: Leah Johnson

“The empty old house
On the hill by the road,
With cracks in the windows,
Now broken and old.
Once mother and daddy lived happily there,
Reading their Bible
And saying their prayers.”


“I walked to the kitchen,
My tears fell like rain,
For mother is gone,
 But find mem-‘ries remain;
So gently she loved us
And cared for her own;
Dear mother I miss you,
I feel so alone.”


“My heart aches with sadness
As the stairway I climb,
So old and neglected,
It almost falls down.
 Sweet mem-‘ries come floating
Of the many good times,
With sisters and brothers
As the stairway I climb.”


“Dear mother and daddy
Have gone on before
To live with their Maker
On yonder bright shore.
Let’s all live for Jesus
As they did back then,
And join them in heaven
To meet them again.”




“Now the empty rooms echo,
Crossing the floor,
With tears in my eyes
I open each door.
I see mother and daddy
as often before,
Their Bible beside them,
they loved the Lord.”

I was looking through all of my songbooks the other day while making a list of all the songs I love and I came across this one.  It is so nostalgic and bittersweet and I just loved the lyrics.

Let’s not forget all our parents have done for us because one day they will be gone and only the shadows of memories will remain.  Happy Sunday dear friends!

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