My Brain Hurts

Do you ever experience that sensation when your eyes start squinting and your head starts hurting just enough to bug the crapolah out of you?  Well, welcome to my life for the last few days.  I have been setting up my other blog, A Day On The Plains, so that it is on my own site (well kind of anyway) and setting up a fan page for it and obviously staring at the computer waaayyy too hard.

Truth be told I really want to focus more on it than this one because I have noticed a tendency to feel and live the way I write (I am so bipolar lol).  This one is not just the perkiest blog on the block and I often feel down after I have read through it whereas my other one focuses more on the positive aspects of my life as a homemaker and Christian and tends to be more uplifting.  Like I said in a previous post about having two minds, I want and need to focus on my spiritual mind rather than my sickly one.

I feel badly, though, because I have many readers here.  I do not want to give up this blog entirely, but it almost seems like there will come a time when I can no longer focus on this aspect of my life.  Not that I am downplaying mental illness at all, I certainly realize the reality of it and all that it entails.  Not that I am denying my own illness either, indeed, I know I cannot.

But how to make this blog more positive is an illusive thought to me at the moment.  I really want to combine the two blogs into one.  I mean I don’t separate my illness from my homemaking &c. in real life so why do it online?  The problem as I see it is the type of audience I want to target.  Do homemakers and seamstresses want to hear about my being bipolar?  And similarly, do those who read this blog for what I view as “the drama” want to read about my simple, mostly quiet home life as a Christian, Wife, and Mother?

It all just confounds me at this point.  What do you think?  Would you, dear reader, follow me if I decided to combine my efforts into one blog?  And then this thought comes into my head, “What if I am just to afraid to combine my blogs?”  Why?  I can’t even think of a reason.

So, Tell Me What You Think.

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