Oh How I Love Autumn!

“The crickets chirp. There is but a slight breeze, yet it is chill enough to nip my nose, to send a little shiver down my spine; and I am in love with it all. I stand here getting kind of cold, but I dare not move lest I miss something.

Vaguely, off in the distance I hear the coyotes howling and yipping; in the foreground, kittens munching on their late supper and the crickets, oh how they sing!

There are but few insects out now, mostly millers fluttering to the light. An airplane passes over head somewhere in the distance; I can hear its low, rumbling engines. Nights like these remind me of when I was a little girl, living at home with my nana and my papa.

Of course there were jack o’ lanterns, ghosts, spider webs,costumes, candy, and other such nonsense as pertains to Halloween (we do not celebrate this anymore), but they are happy memories nonetheless.

Standing here, I am happy. Maybe that is why I do not want to move; I am in my own little world without a care for the moment; if I move that may be taken; maybe not.

I believe God will help me carry that happiness with me. I think I shall move just to find out what happens (and besides, I am starting to freeze!).

Until later….”

I really cannot wait for fall to get here, lol.

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