Shadows of Doubt


This morning in church the minister was preaching on how much God loves us as individuals; that Jesus died for me as an individual, and how if that is established in my heart, or real to me, then I will trust Him.
Most generally when we love someone we trust them. When we know that they love us in return we trust them. If I don’t trust my life in God’s hands then does that mean I don’t believe He loves me? It is a lot to wrap my brain around seeing how I don’t love myself most of the time. I believe God loves me, but do I believe He loves me enough to care about my individual daily needs? Honestly, I’m not sure.
Then the minister gave Abraham as an example. Abraham had a trust and love for God that did not fail so he must have known without a shadow of a doubt that God loved him. That shadow of a doubt part got me to thinking, what is a shadow of a doubt, exactly? Because if I want to trust God I too must believe/know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He loves me and wants what is best for me in my life. The above is a copy of the notes I doodled as I sat there and thought about what that “Shadow” of doubt really is.
What do you think it is?

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