To Tweet or Not To Tweet, That is the Question

Random post here….

Thinking about tweeting…. Would it be worth my time? Or should I just continue to post it here as I have done in the past? And more importantly, would anybody read that random stuff? Let me know. Comment below.

4 thoughts on “To Tweet or Not To Tweet, That is the Question

  1. I think you should. You reach a totally different audience and allows you to quickly post various things throughout the day rather than a blog post once a day. My suggestion is find chats that pertain to your interest and take part in them to quickly build followers. Twitter Chats have specified day and times for specific hashtag usage and people use that hashtag to follow along and take part in conversations. For instance you could follow #cruisechat on Tuesdays if you are interested in cruises or #mediachat on Wednesday nights.


  2. I keep hearing from everybody I need to invest more time in Twitter. I just don’t get it. I only follow a few dozen folks and I can’t stand the constant tweeting. Some people have thousands. Lord, help us.

    By the way, I tweeted this post…. (just kidding :) )


    1. i sgined up. OH NO. lol. I don’t have many followers and I don’t check it every day, but maybe it’ll grow. little by little like my blog has. I’m not praying for a miracle though :).


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