As you may or may not now I’m kind of lazy sometimes. And I’m a sucker for big breakfasts. The two don’t really go together. I like to eat a big breakfast, but I don’t like to cook it (Or do the dishes afterward as my daughter so frankly put it).

I also love those little cookbooks they sell on the magazine racks by the check out stands (I think I have at least 20); Especially the breakfast and brunch ones. So when I saw one yesterday that I didn’t have of course I bought it!

This is the first recipe that I tried:
(Paraphrased by me, lol)

1 can of biscuits + 1 waffle iron =
mini biscuit waffles

Add syrup and bananas (optional) and this is what you get:


170 cal. For 2 waffles and a Tbsp. of syrup

My girls ate them up!

Ps. I didn’t have a can of biscuits so I made my own out of my homemade bisquick mix.

Happy Wednesday!!

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