Amazing words from an amazing man. Get on over there and check out Fj’s blog when you have the time. He has such an awesome message about God’s love and speaks mountains of truth.


Sorry I didnt write yesterday but I went on a class trip with my son. I didnt plan on having a great time but I did. It was The Children’s Museum and the kids are allowed to touch the exhibits and interact with them. I laughed at my sons amazement to all these new things. He was delighted to see how a steam engine works or how your lungs deliver oxygen to the body. As I watched him I thought about my father, not my biological father but God. I thought about all the years I broke his heart with my indifference and bad decisions. I thought about His joy the day I hit my knees and surrendered my will to Him. As I watched my son run around with his little eyes full of wonder it gave me a new perspective on my relationship with God. There’s a little…

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