The Valley and The Breeze

Oh me oh My! I haven’t posted in such a while! And this time I don’t really have a decent excuse so I’m not going to make any.

Finally I am finished with helping out my mom-in-law. It was fun and I’d do it again in a heartbeat, but I am glad to be able to stay at home too. I have been in a cleaning mood for the last week or so which is somewhat unsual for me as I do not just overly enjoy keeping house. Not just any cleaning either; I’m talking deep cleaning. I took apart my stand mixer and my coffee pot and scrubbed every part I thought I could get away with. I had my girls dust everything they could reach.

Now I am working on my disaster zone of a sewing room. Since before Christmas it has been my pile-all room. I could not sew in it now even if I wanted to. We are lucky to have standing room in there, lol. I think the streak has been good for me and while I’m really not sure what brought it on I will be the first to admit that there is a good feeling of accomplishment when I have thoroughly cleaned something.

Maybe it was the arrival of my new vaccuum that sparked an interest. I bought a Dyson DC41 Animal. It is the first new vaccuum I have ever owned. All of my others have been hand-me-downs. It works extremely well. My Hubby and I were in Target one day looking at vaccuums and at this one in particular when a woman shopping past by and stated, “You will not be sorry you spent that money on one of those. They are an awesome vaccuum.” LOL. I love it when other women tell my Husband that he should spend money on me XD.

We were unwilling to pay the price though so I left empty handed. I kept my eye out for a good deal in the stores, but could not find one lower than $600. Long story short I found mine on ebay, brand new, for $425 shipping included. Woo!

In other news, Revivals start tonight at my Church which I am excited about. I am always inspired by the new ministers that come to preach. I love our regular ministers too, but a new voice once in a while is like a breath of fresh air. I am the kind of person that becomes easily distracted when having the same thing repeatedly over time. Something new always perks up my attention.

I also love the fact that revivals are a way to revive my zest for my Christian life. I wish I was more like my Hubby in the slow and steady plodding on the path, never bored with the mundane, looking at the pattern of stability as a blessing. I am always climbing one side the mountain or slidding down the other side; always trudging through a valley or soaring on the breeze.

Pretty bipolar sounding, right? Maybe not. I am still learning to differentiate between my bipolar tendencies and my borderline personality traits. No matter which is which I always prefer soaring on the breeze even though I learn more trudging through the valley.

So human, go figure :):):)

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