August 4, 2012

Wonder of wonders. Today is beautiful. Cool, overcast, slightly breezy. Quiet. All seems right in the world. Days like today inspire me; persuade me; Fill my heart with happy, simple joy.

I am so ready for the cool quiet weather of fall. Where a clean, quiet, warm smelling house does not seem like a daunting task, but a small gift to be enjoyed. Where cooking and folding laundry bring a contentedness nothing else can give.

Where sitting in the living room with a needle in one hand and a pattern in the other charms creativity out of one that is hardly found anywhere else. Where sewing is a joy and not a chore.

Where early mornings, yummy breakfasts, and beautiful sunrises greet me as I rise each morning.
Where long dresses and shawls become the fashion of choice.  Where novels become a luxury and walks become quiet sanctuaries.

Where the internet and all its frivolities become less important than the dirt one walks on.
Where devotions, prayers, and song become the type of plugged in I want to be.

Life here just seems to float by in quiet thoughtful moments of peaceful bliss.

©Kelsi M. Meireis

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