Let the Light Shine Through

For most of my life I have believed in Christ and The Lord. I fell away in my late teens and early 20’s, but He brought me back to Him.

Six and a half years ago I found a church to call home. Three and a half years ago I dedicated myself to that church and became a member.

I did not know then that I had mental issues. It is such a struggle for me to keep my way with the church clean when I am ill.

There is NOTHING I want more than to serve Christ and to go to Heaven; To be His child. But when I become ill I find my mind becoming a spiritual death trap and the devil uses that against me every chance he gets.

I often wonder why this illness has been brought to my attention–I know, I know– Who am I to question His ways? But I think there must be a good reason for it…

To humble my proud spirit? To help me see His influence in my life more clearly? To teach me patience and longsuffering? Definitely longsuffering; and maybe even just a little, to let His light shine through me….

6 thoughts on “Let the Light Shine Through

  1. “It is such a struggle for me to keep my way with the church clean when I am ill.”
    Subtle mindset. Wrong. Mindset. To keep my way with the church clean?? Shouldn’t I have been more worried about keeping my way with the LORD clean as I went on to speak about? I am rereading my posts today and I am so thankful for the growth I see from then to now. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!

    1. Thank you so much. I love your thought about continuing to move forward. I often forget to look at that aspect of things. I think the devil gets me stuck at where I haven’t moved forward and I know I’m not alone in that. I hope others can see that as well in themselves. We all need to be reminded of the progress we have made no matter how great or small. :) Thank you for the encouragement and the smiles. xx

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