Excuses Excuses

And here are mine, well one at least, for my lack of posts lately:


Meet LilyAnn Lavinia, my new puppy. She is a “designer” breed, a German Shorthaired Labrador.  Barely 6 weeks old today she has brought back the sleepless nights of new motherhood, albeit adopted, lol.

I am hoping to train her up to be a bird dog for my Hubby, but right now she is just my baby.  Very good birth control if anyone needs it. ;-)

I almost forgot the effort it takes to crate and potty train a pup.  Thankfully there are lots of help books and websites out there to support and educate.

There is one site I have found that I really like and has been really helpful to me.  If you’re interested it is:

The Housebreaking Bible

I went to the library and borrowed nearly allll of their training books, but have not had time to read any of them yet! Hopefully I will have some time this weekend to take notes and study up on raising puppy.

Well I was in the middle of cleaning the diseaster zone otherwise known as my girls’ room upstairs so while the baby sleeps I better get to it!

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