Just a Little Update

Hi all.  I thought I better leave a short note.  Christmas Season is in full swing at my house and that leaves me with little time to write.  I have entries but finding the time to edit and type is next to impossible.  I’m holding out hope for next weekend sometime though.  So keep checking back and wish me luck!  I have 4 dresses to sew, 3 more kinds of cookies (there will be 6 kinds total)  to make, as well as christmas ornaments for gifts and gifts for my girls.  If you want to keep up with what I’ve been making check out my other blog, A Day On The Plains, as I have been trying to at least post a pic of my projects as I finish them.

And thanks for reading!!  I love all your comments and seeing my stats above zero!



Ps.  Merry Christmas!!

3 thoughts on “Just a Little Update

  1. I used to collect those cookie tins every year and at Christmas fill them with all my favorite cookies and sweets that I would make. Those were my Christmas presents. Oh my, I don’t even know how to bake anymore now lol


    1. Lol. It’s not hard just time consuming! I am learning to make refrigerator cookies that you roll up in wax paper and chill. Then slice and bake. It’s so easy it’s stupid I haven’t been doing it for years! I make stuff mostly because its more economical for us, but it is fun too, I have to admit :). Happy Christmas luv!


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