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I get emails every once in a while that require a lot of cutting and  pasting and answering questions I find tedious and pointless, but this last one I liked enough to answer.  I thought I would share my answers here and possibly turn it into a page someday.  So come, read, and get to know me a little better….

Were you named after someone?     Yes, my mother had a friend whose name or middle name (I forget which) was Marie. She liked it so much she gave both my sister and I the same middle name save for the different spellings.

Do you like your handwriting?     Yes and no.  It becomes harder to write with each passing year and my writing in turn, gets harder and harder to read.

My favorite meat?     Crab and Salmon

Would I be friends with me?     I don’t know right off the top of my head.  I tend to be very high maintenance and require a lot.  I’m not for everyone, but I think I am worth the effort so yea, I would be.

Do you have your tonsils?     Yes, as well as many other body parts.

Would you bungee jump?     Yes.  If I were manic or someone pushed me.

Favorite Cereal?     Cheerios with bananas and sugar or malt-o-meal or cornmeal mush.

Do you untie your shoes before taking them off?     Not usually, but I almost always untie them to put them on.

Favorite Ice Cream?     Lemon or blood orange sorbet, Hagen-daas coffee

The first thing you notice about someone is…     Their hair, then definitely their looks and overall appearance, and finally body language.

Least favourite thing about yourself?     My teeth, followed by my favorite thing – I’m at odds against myself here – my free spirit.

Who do you miss the most?     My grandparents who raised me.

Listening to now?     My space heater, my dryer, my dog yawning, the tick of a clock, and the click of keys as I type.

What colour of crayon would you be?     Black or white or something really warm and vibrant.

Favorite smells?     My Husband, the cold, crisp, tingle your nose kind of wind before a snow, the land right after it rains, the wind in general, fallen leaves, and the smell of old stuff, especially books.

Favorite sport to play?     Play?? Buahhahahahaha!! Yea right.  Track maybe, baseball maybe.  But I do love watching ice hockey and baseball.

Favorite food?     Mexican, guacamole, AVOCADOES!!!

Scary books or happy endings?     I like suspenseful books, but I hate stupid endings.

Winter or Summer?     Winter!! Followed closely by summer nights.

Hugs or Kisses?      Neither.  I’m not a huggy-kissy type of person.  Three feet of personal space 360 degrees around me please!

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