Pickers Anonymous

I AM A PICKER.  It’s true.  There isn’t one day that goes by in which I have not picked.  It’s terrible.  By the time I am done my face is splotchy, red, and swollen in spots.  I give myself more zits than I manage to deter from forming in the first place.

Once, a long while ago, I picked the side of my nose so badly that I had to wear a band-aid over it.   I was so ashamed that I lied and said my kitten attacked me.  In reality I was the only thing that attacked my face.

I am considerably better about it now than around the time I was addicted to meth.  When I was high I would spend hours, literally, in a mangled, awkward ball like position to reach the other spots.  My legs were broken out hip to ankle, and I don’t even want to remember what my face went through.

I am tempted to pick at my children once in a while, but they are smart enough to hide if they see that look in my eye.  Ironically, I find it extremely gross to pick at someone else, though.  My best friend once told me that she picked at her boyfriend and I was completely grossed out; still am to think about it!  Must be the germs….

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  1. I am the SAME. Especially when manic/ mixed state. Can’t leave anything alone. Pick, pick, pick until it bleeds and forms a scar :/

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