A Better Day ?

Thought I did pretty well today. 

Washed 4 loads of dishes; did 6 loads of laundry; made a small lunch and a small supper; made homemade bread sticks; started cleaning the library; kept my temper; was rather happy; talked to people;  took care of my sick daughter; wrote 3 blog posts.

That is a lot for me considering how depressed I’ve been feeling.  I was quite proud for a moment there.

 But now I wonder how much of that was just nervous energy.  The children are in bed and  I could barely stand to let them touch me at hug & kiss time.  If I were fine that wouldn’t have been an issue…right??

Plus I took 2 anxiety pills at like 7pm and I just took 2 more an hour later because the first two did nothing.

I considered taking a higher dose of my meds tonight too, but I’m afraid I’d have trouble waking up in the morning; or, more importantly, if something happened in the middle of the night.

Anxiety meds are slowly kicking in finally.  My clenched stomach is easing a little, but I’m still feeling a little jump in my chest at every sound I hear.

One thought on “A Better Day ?

  1. maybe you were a little hypomanic, but still be proud of the things that you got done. As for sleep, I know all too well that it seems as if nothing works for sleep when your hypomanic/manic. I hope that you do find sleep soon, occupy your mind with quiet and calming things until then. Please don’t take extra meds. I understand the temptaion though.

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