Grocery Store Panic

Panicking because I had a cashier at the store that had been sick with the flu a week or less ago.

He touched EVERYTHING.  The groceries, the bags, the receipt, the change.  Stomach tightens.  I don’t want my girls to touch their Sunday school offering money now because he handed it to me.

Immediately after getting in the car I sanitize my hands. Painful knot in stomach worsens.  Called my mom on the way home to take my mind off the obvious.

Come home, wash hands, put on gloves to put groceries away.  Take plastic gum wrappers off packs, throw in bag.  Don’t touch receipts.  Take bags to trash before taking off gloves.  Consider taking groceries back out and wiping down with clorox wipes….To obvious.  What would hubby say.

Children whining; tired. Bathing. Getting Ready for bed.  Especially littlest one.  Combed her hair too hard made her cry.  Feel terrible. Panic rising.

Toothpaste on toothbrush.  Brush my teeth while she brushes hers.  She cries; whines.  I start rubbing my hands together.  What’s wrong?? What’s wrong! She doesn’t know.

Pit of stomach tightening even more.  Consider working on computer a bit to distract.  Better not. Or Everyone will get sick.

Go up stairs to hug and kiss goodnight.  Cover up.  Make sure each kiss is in a different place. Don’t share germs.  Say I love you… and be sure not to puke. No puking. Okay?  Turn out the light.

Go downstairs; take dog roughly out of kennel unintentionally.  He just won’t come. He keeps going back in. Won’t listen to me.

Close windows because of the cold.  Need fresh air. Stale air breeds sick. Is the air stale?  Opens windows again.

Eyes feel peeled open.  Seeing slight movements in the room that aren’t real.  Ears wringing.  Heart pounds, pit of stomach clenches; hurts, at every sound from upstairs.

Cry? Scream? Hold it in.  Hubby would be irritated.  Try to be normal. Get a grip.  Come on.

3 thoughts on “Grocery Store Panic

  1. I have become really germ conscious lately. I don’t know what brought it on. I think it has something to do with me learning how people are getting the meningitis that is going around. Yuck!

    1. I have decided that must be true because when i was younger, even within the last 10 years, i dont remember having any germ phobes. But now the more i know the worse it becomes! Awe to return ignorant bliss….

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