Just Another Project

Just to be honest and out there straight from the beginning, this is probably going end up another one of my bright idea projects that gets thrown to the side when the next whim comes along.

But that is what happens here in my world.
The world of well meaning intentions and closets full of half finished, money wasted whatevers.
The world of ‘I’m so friggin beautiful, but I hate myself’.
The world of ‘Could you shut up for like, ever? My brain is getting alittle loud’.

I kind of chuckled at a website I was reading earlier today that said a hallmark symptom of Bipolar Disorder is having a house full of half-completed projects. That is exactly what my house looks like.

Full of uncut patterns I just had to have.
Full of copies of pictures and scraps of fabric I wanted to make crafts out of.
Full of ideas that overload my brain when I try to pick just one.

It can’t be helped.
I love to try new things and every new thing I try is going to be the one that I am going to like enough to finish.

And it gets expensive sometimes because I don’t want to buy just a little to start out with. I have to have all sorts cuz I just know its going to work out wonderfully!!

I can’t help but laugh at myself.
I should know better, but I don’t.

3 thoughts on “Just Another Project

    1. You are exactly right about the kind words :) And He might be! Sometimes I just don’t listen… I’m one of those whiny spoiled children of His. I hope my experiences helps someone know that they are not alone.


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