"They want to bring us down because they're lead and we're determined to be feathers."

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Life as I know It

Dr. on Friday. IV Fluids UTI Back hurts, fever all weekend Think it might be in my kidneys Slept most of Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Slept most of Saturday and Sunday, too. Increased intake so body can fight this. Drinking water, too. Weight up. Head Screaming. Haven't heard anything about treatment Chills something fierce BP... Continue Reading →

At least the Rain is Pretty

Anxiety ridden. But at least it rained. A nice, soaking rain. Pretty. Got some written on my paper. Going to get more done tomorrow, Maybe all of it. Head is freaking out because I ate over 1000 cal. Ate lunch and supper. 100% Lunch So whoop-dee-fucking-do to me I don't care that it is 708pm... Continue Reading →

The Cage

Assessment with ERC over the phone yesterday. Hour and a half that one took. Waiting for a return call today to see what kind of treatment they suggest, when/if I go, etc. Semi-ready for this to happen. But then my brain goes crazy. What if this What if that How will you live How will... Continue Reading →

March 21

Met the case manager today. I hope it works out. Paid off EDCare so I am officially DONE with them and SO HAPPY. Just going to worry less about it this time. Let God handle it and they can call me with the details. Weather was lovely today, Car said 65 Suppose to rain tomorrow... Continue Reading →

Fuck Denver

Denver Day was SHIT Dr. P won't see me again until I'm fully weight restored. Sounds like EDCare wouldn't take accept me, even if I applied. Dr. P said I need a higher level of care, AKA Residential. My dietician wouldn't even let me take the stairs to get weighed. We rode the elevator up... Continue Reading →

At The Rate I’m Going

Heart rate low this evening, around  64bpm despite being anxious af. Blood pressure this am was 87/69, pulse was 103 just from getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom. Weight 118.2 Wanted it to be less when I went tomorrow, but it's no use now. So I will wear light weight clothing. Case... Continue Reading →

That Blissful Feeling

**First off, Credit to whoever made the above photo because I can't find a name to associate with it so if you know who it belongs to please, email me so that I can give credit where credit is due** What constitutes "pretty"? I was at the dollar store the other day and an older... Continue Reading →

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